A letter from Governor Kathy Hochul

OPERATION GREEN LIGHT is a collaboration between the NYSAC, NYSCEA, the NYS County Veteran Service Officers' Association, and the 62 counties of New York State. Its mission is to show support for Veterans of all military conflicts, with a special emphasis on the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as raise awareness about the challenges faced by many Veterans and the resources that are available at the county, state, and federal level to assist Veterans and their families.

OPERATION GREEN LIGHT - Phase 2 - is slated to begin.. The goal is to attract new Veterans and their families to our communities. As those who have served in our nation's military leave active duty and return to civilian life, we hope they will consider residency in New York. In bringing together the leadership of our counties and cities, our existing Veterans, and the broader community, the goal is attract new Veterans and their families to our communities. 

In OPERATION GREEN LIGHT - Phase 2 - we will connect with transitioning service members 6-12 months before they leave the military. There is a pre-transition advantage for the participating counties - success happens when preparation meets opportunity. Through OPERATION GREEN LIGHT, counties will be connected early and directly to transitioning service members through local sponsors. Please consider becoming an ETS Sponsor - read more about being Sponsor here.

As counties and communities, our objective is to develop attractive career, housing, and educational relocation options for new Veterans and their families. Let's start working together! Our County Veterans Service Officers will lead the way and facilitate additional processes, such as maximizing the use of the care and benefits Veterans have earned.

The connection happens here. DD Form 214 information will be available about your incoming Veterans - with their consent and participation - months before you would normally receive it. 

Please join us as we band together in service to uplift our communities.

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10 November 2021 - Governor Hochul issues Letter of Support for Operation Green Light
9 November 2021 -
Operation Green Light focuses on military transitions

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