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Getting into Action

This is a coordination and planning page for County Veterans Service Officers and other State and County Officials. The objective is to empower the chain-of-government with the tools and information they need to successfully organize new Veterans and their families into local residency. Please review the slide presentations below to learn more about the ETS Sponsorship Program.

According to a 2019 PEW study (study link), 45% of responding Veterans felt the training they received either prepared them “not well at all” or “not too well” for transition to civilian life.  The same PEW study also concluded that post-9/11 veterans are 88% more likely than pre-9/11 veterans to have had an emotionally traumatic or distressing experience making transition to civilian life more difficult.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, from 2009-2016 an average of $717 million per year was spent on unemployment compensation to Veterans representing a 44% increase over the prior 8-year period.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, $114 billion will be paid in disability compensation to Veterans in 2022.   These significant cost figures illustrate the increasing difficulty servicemembers are having successfully transitioning to civilian life.  U.S. Army TRADOC wishes to better enable its soldiers to successfully transition to civilian life.  Army Soldier for Life seeks outreach to communities to not only facilitate transition, but support transition preparation and the best new Veteran outcomes. 

Welcome Basket

New Veterans that have participated in the ETS Sponsorship's DATAUNION incentive initiative will be the beneficiaries of a Welcome Basket upon the last day of military service. The Welcome Basket is a digital coupon and cash card supported by national and local vendors. Servicemembers in the ETS Sponsorship Program have the opportunity to earn "points" during the transition process. These points can be converted to coupons and/or cash once active duty service has been completed. Through Community Integration Coordinators local business and citizens can participate in the initiative. 


Affiliation and Partnership Initiative

The three-phased OPERATION GREEN LIGHT Affiliation and Partnership Initiative allows counties to progressively adopt the ETS Sponsorship Program. With minimal investment, the initiative offers opportunities to generate revenue that can compliment funding for operations. Sustainment is the key.  With early access to the Veteran talent pipeline, county government can either lead the local effort themselves or enable the best-of-practice organizations represented in the county. Organized and operated propoerly, this initiative can become a source of meaningful social and economic benefit to communities.

County Registration & Affiliation Phase
             •  Complete the CVSO Operation Green Light Affiliation Enrollment Agreement 
             •  Recruit and enroll sponsors in accordance with forecasted requirements
             •  Ensure local Sponsors have completed training by first community servicemember assignment

Participation in this phase may be completed without cost. Sponsor training may be completed virtually in three 2.5 hour sessions or in a single session in person. 

County Reception & Associate Phase
             •  Match trained sponsors to transitioning service members 
             •  Fund dashboard sets for projected servicemembers at $500/year (<10) or $365/year (>10) ¹
             •  Operate under the administration of a designated Community Integration Coordinator (CIC)
             •  Optional: county OPERATION GREEN LIGHT web presence - Livingston County ²
             •  Optional: regional OPERATION GREEN LIGHT web presence - Finger Lakes Region example ²

¹ Associate counties fund or receive funding support for only the dashboards required. Normally, dashboards are funded for certified Community Integration Coordinators in a package of 50 sets - ETS-SP Dashboard Pricing Guide
² OPERATION GREEN LIGHT pricing based will be based on forecasted requirements

Partnership with a Certified Community Integration Coordinator (CIC)
                                                 - or -
Certification as a Community Integration Coordinator (CIC)
             •  Reference: Community Integration Coordinator (CIC) - 2021
             •  Reference: Community Integration Training Sessions 1-3 September 2021
             •  ETS Sponsorship Program Memorandum of Agreement

Veterans Onward

Veterans Onward is a sister organization to the ETS Sponsorship program. Veterans Onward is a Washington D.C. nonprofit 501c3 corporation that exists to manage the Veterans Onward curriculum and certify licensees nationally, coordinating both educational and employment opportunities while servicemembers are still on active duty. Veterans Onward can also award immersion program scholarships when funds are available from the ETS Sponsorship Program. 

Supporting Programs through Veterans Onward

  • skillbridge.veteransonward.com - on the job training for in demand fields while on active duty
  • work.veteransonward.com - Skillbridge to direct employment in destination communities
  • edu.veteransonward.com - Skillbridge to GI Bill eligible three to four year career programs

The Governor's Challenge

OPERATION GREEN LIGHT partners states, counties and cities in support of the Governor's Challenge to Prevent Suicide Among Military Service Members, Veterans, and Families. The Governor's Challenge is a call to action to implement the United States Department of Veterans Affairs 2018-2028 National Strategy for the Prevention of Veteran Suicide. The Governor's Challenge can be implemented at the state, county, or city level. Examples of the Challenge in action by a State and independently as a state, county, or city activity are liked below.

Governor's Challenge: Wisconsin
Wisconsin County Challenges: Milwaukee, Dane
Wisconsin City Challenges: Madison, MilwaukeeWest Allis

Independent efforts: New York Governor's Challenge , Los Angeles County ChallengeLacey (WA) Mayor's Challenge

Initial State Briefing Example

State Programs can be extended from existing activities to further integrate all state effort more cohesively, while empowering counties as interest and resources develop. The state template can be customized for individual states. Please refer to the New York Operation Green Light Initial Briefing slides below.